Hello! You have reached the web site of Kirt, Morgan, Grady and Django Morris. We were happily married on August 8, 2008. Our families are from Texas and Kansas and we presently reside in Texas.
We enjoy traveling, the movies, musicals, concerts, sporting events, softball and many other activities together.
Morgan is a seven year RN, BSN, CPN, CCRN, C-NPT veteran and currently works with a medical flight team where she takes on the responsibilities of assisting and taking care of critical pediatric patients as the team and her transport patients to various hospitals throughout the region.
Kirt is an IT Architect and Program Manager with over fifteen years experience and currently a managing partner with his consulting company providing enterprise level organizations with strategic and tactical IT directions.
Grady is a nine year old chocolate lab and one of the joys of our life.

Django is a our newest addition, a black lab who is 10 months old.
Thanks for stopping by.

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